The New American Mainstream is now the minority-majority driving our culture. This audience is ready and waiting for original stories, content and experiences that reflect their world.

At WP Narrative_ we tap into the zeitgeist of what’s next, and the convergence of culture, technology and media consumption to create stories that resonate, engage, and entertain.

WP Narrative_ is an award-winning agency built around a ground-breaking content innovation studio that creates experiences for all screens, platforms and IRL, including scripted and unscripted content, experiential, campaigns, and proprietary products. Through a blend of strategy, creative, innovation, and cultural intelligence, we tell authentic stories in ways audiences care about.

By combining unprecedented Hollywood success, innovative storytelling, our deep understanding of today’s New American Mainstream audience, and bleeding edge tech, we look to bring brands deeper into the worlds of their consumers. Our proprietary approach and tools fuel our ability to not only create effective content experiences, but to identify what’s next, break new ground, and impact growth and brand innovation.



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A Higher Spirit


The Quad Pop Up Salon

Social Activism



Drone Dunk



Universal Standard



Shine Together


Fan Badge


‘Twas the Flight Before Christmas

Under Armour

Elite 24 Clubhouse

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Curry Two


Michael Strahan Collection



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Natural Born Hitters


Brand Platform


Make Moves

Samsung / Milk Music

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Curry One

Rush Card

Your Move / Live

DeLeon Tequila


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Chef Curry Food Truck

Gillian Laub

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ESPY Awards

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Led by Hollywood Hitmaker, Will Packer, and marketing trailblazer, Tricia Clarke-Stone, WP Narrative_ has built a team of strategic thinkers, creatives, technologists, and makers that share a passion for bold, innovative storytelling and groundbreaking content solutions.

Tricia Clarke-Stone

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Vendramin

Chief Creative Officer

Aaron Royer

Chief of Content and Technology

Sabina Khilnani

Group Strategy & Business Director


In addition to creating effective brand campaigns for our clients, we commit real resources towards future-proofing brands, enabling discovery, and creating IP – by inventing, prototyping and building ideas, content, products, services, businesses, and experiences.

The Lab is driven by a basis in creative technology and cultural intelligence, that permeates all of our work. We innovate against a three stage process of Validation, Prototype, and Deployment. Our expertise includes Hardware and Software Development, Digital Products, Virtual Reality, The IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Wearables, iBeacons, Data Visualization, Web Sockets, Marketing Technology and Mobile First Experiences. We have launched our own consumer facing products, experiences and businesses, hold patents, and engage in partnerships with brands to build and launch new platforms and products.

The All In One Photo Booth

Object Recognition Web App (Prototype)

Fan Badge Wearable

Change Perspective

Interactive Sneaker

Digital Shoppable Look Book (Beta)

Capacitive Touch

Interactive Twitter Mural

Shoppable Mannequin

Experiential OOH (Prototype)

Artificial Intelligence Batphone

Smart Headphone Splitter (Prototype)

Mediated Realtiy OOH (Prototype)

VR Shoppable Experience (Prototype)

Smart Event Invitation

Mediated Reality In Store (Prototype)

Augmented Reality In Store (Prototype)

Interactive Art Digital Experience

Social Data Scraping

Gamification Engine

Pizza Lever

House of Narrative_

The House of N_ is where our integrated production capabilities live. Working within an agile, and real time production model, we are a collective of contemporary artists, filmmakers, creative technologists, innovators, culturati, and tastemakers that are part of the WPN_ family and share a DNA to create and inspire. Our teams champion artistic expression and embrace the impossible. We handle all forms of production spanning video content, virtual reality, mobile, experience design, events, projection mapping, social, IoE, AI and documentaries.

Content Lab DNA

A new way to work. We innovate, research, hunt, collaborate, ideate, invent, prototype, test, prove & create, pushing boundaries to find the next big thing.


Great brands don’t co-opt culture, they create it. That’s why the way we hire, hang out, work, vacation and educate ourselves is focused on expanding our cultural vocabulary. At WP Narrative_, how cool you are matters and we aren’t afraid to admit it. We value strategies infused with focused cultural insights and reward anyone who can cross the line from spotting trends to making them. We strive to understand the needs of people and predict, define and create what the next behavioral shift will be.


We spend less time talking about tech and more time actually using and building it. When you talk about it, it’s foreign, when it’s a part of who you are, you iterate, innovate and evolve it. We connect technology to the human experience. When we drive the technology we can drive the brand in innovative, meaningful directions.

Cutting Edge

Innovation is the art of not repeating yourself. We press play not repeat. We observe, dig and uncover insights to establish new creative territories. We question, challenge, then reimagine and invent new market space. WP Narrative_ is always playing, experimenting, disrupting, and breaking things to find out what’s possible when it comes time to bringing a story to life. Innovation isn’t confined to a lab, it permeates everything we do.


We go for hearts not eyeballs. In our Strategic approach we use research and data to identify the truths that engage real people. We design brand ecosystems that deliver unforgettable, story-led experiences that foster meaningful interaction, connection, and create authentic emotional investment.


Shorty Awards
We’re so honored to be recognized as SMALL AGENCY OF THE YEAR by the Shorty Awards. It’s great to see our commitment to storytelling celebrated as the best in social media. We want to thank all of our brand and entertainment partners for trusting us as we break new ground at the intersection of culture and technology. And of course, the biggest shoutout goes to our hybrid, media-agnostic, “never say never” team.
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WP Narrative_ connects with show's core audience by reimagining the salon experience and creating the first ever AR hair dryer.
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To support the company’s planned advertising campaigns, Will Packer Media purchased a marketing and technology company called Narrative that was founded in 2013 by the mogul Russell Simmons and the advertising executive Tricia Clarke-Stone. The company will take the name WP Narrative.
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With recognition at SXSW, The One Show, NY Festivals, The Davey's, AICP, Clio Awards and Cannes Lions, the 2016-2017 Award show season was a breakthrough year as the industry took notice of our innovative work.
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Since then, Narrative’s 16 full-time employees and freelance collective of “nerds, cool kids and weirdos” have worked for brands ranging from JCPenney to Santo Mezquila, a mezcal-tequila startup founded by musicians Sammy Hagar and Adam Levine.
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From artificial intelligence to virtual reality and so much more, advancements in technology make our lives easier and help our businesses run more efficiently. When deployed correctly, tech can help forward-thinking entrepreneurs push the envelope and break new ground.
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Take it from Tricia Clarke-Stone who, along with hip-hop music mogul and entrepreneur Russell Simmons, co-founded a creative agency called Narrative. As CEO, Clarke-Stone knew early on that she wanted to diversify revenue streams while staying true to the brand’s passion for storytelling, innovation and bringing new ideas to life.
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Tricia Clarke-Stone’s professional yin and yang have made her a true success. The yin? Failure — but it's not a bad thing, actually. That her yang is being a rainmaker evens out the CEO of Narrative’s story and puts it on a course for continued greatness.
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Noticing “a lack of diversity, not just in people but in thinking and ideas,” Clarke-Stone co-founded Narrative in 2013 as a “new breed of agency, redefining rules of storytelling through tech and culture.”
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Rocker Sammy Hagar and pop star Adam Levine are partnering on a new booze brand called Santo Mezquila that is billed in new ads as "the world's first mezquila." The celebrities are absent from three new digital video ads that launched this week by Narrative, the agency founded by Russell Simmons and Tricia Clarke-Stone.
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